3 Helpful Tips When Bulking

1. Count Your Macros and Adjust Caloric Intake

You can find calculate your micronutrients and calorie intake numbers by searching on google through many websites. Knowing these numbers and following them accurately will allow you to have consistency within your bulk.

I have seen a lot of people find their amounts then stick to them for months and wonder why they don’t see a lot of results in¬†their physiques. This is because everyone is different with their metabolism and genes so what works for some people may not work for you. You must adjust your numbers and monitor how things go.

I suggest buying a scale and weighing yourself every morning before you eat. Your weight will constantly fluctuate so you have to wait at least 2 weeks to obtain an overall result of if you lost, stayed the same or gained weight. Basing your knowledge off of this you can adjust your caloric intake by raising your intake by around 250.If you find yourself still not gaining weight add another 250, but if you see you’re gaining too much weight lower it. You have to find the “sweet spot”.

2. Calories

Ultimately it is all about your caloric intake. Most people don’t realize that it doesn’t matter where you get your calories from, if you are in a surplus(consuming more calories than your maintenance level) you will gain weight. So you might think you can just eat fast food all the time then. Although you could, this would result in a huge amount of sodium and sugar in your diet which would lead to more fat gain. Also there are many bad side effects in the long run from eating out all day, where as there are so many health benefits from eating healthy foods which will provide you with your micronutrients.

3. Don’t Rush It

A big mistake that is easy to fall into when bulking is doing it too quick. I know the feeling of just wanting to be ripped as fast as possible, well eating more than you need to will result in weight gain but it will just be more fat then you already inevitably¬†gain during a bulk. A technique to utilise so you don’t just become this big meat head is noting down how much you lift and tracking your progress. If your body is growing but your strength isn’t, it means you are getting obese and bulking too quickly. You want to find the state where you are gaining weight but your strength is keeping up as that is the whole point of a bulk is to build muscle.

I hope this helped you and if you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment or email me, thanks!

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