Should Females Lift Weights?

Are you a female who is self-conscious when it comes to lifting weights around people? Maybe you think you will look “too” masculine, or grown huge arms which in a lot of cases where women are working out, is not the goal. If you have similar thoughts, here are some reasons why you should ignore them.

  1. Body Fat Destroyer

           The most efficient way to burn fat is through explosive anaerobic exercises, not casually running on a treadmill. If you want to burn the fat off of your “grandma” arms or your chubby stomach, you must explore the exercises that push you to your full potential. These movements can be performed through basically every piece of equipment at a gym. Just make sure you aren’t casually doing the move as that will burn your fat at a very slow speed. You have to push yourself.

     2. Toned Muscles

          Along with burning fat, weight training will also tone out your muscles. Women produce a significant amount less testosterone than men which ultimately means that they can’t build or sustain the muscle mass that men can. So to the women with the worries of getting massive arms, don’t worry about that, it takes many years of a disciplined routine to get big masculine arms. However if you commit yourself to weights you will see the results of the toned and lean arms that so many people want.

3. Burns a Great Amount of Calories

The thought that when you want to lose weight you perform cardio exercises and when you want to build muscle you lift weights is frankly not that simple. Although cardio training is very beneficial when it comes to burning calories, it is a very intelligent thing to add weights into the routine. Weight lifting can burn a large amount of calories along with building muscle mass so it is basically a win/win scenario. Also when you build more muscle it takes your body more energy to perform so more calories get burned.

Finally, the take away from this writing is that cardio exercise are great for your general health but if you want to get a toned and lean body, don’t be afraid to pump some iron.


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