Healthy Hacks: Tips on Curving Your Cravings

Speaking from experience, I know that these tips work. If you can incorporate them into your life then your unhealthy cravings won’t be enough to dethrone you from your nutritious kingdom.

Tip #1 – Ask Yourself
Before eating or drinking something questionable, ask yourself “Will this help me reach my goal”. I forget who mentioned that little saying to me but when I’m really watching what I eat, I often think of it. If you are determined, the guilt of eating something knowing that it will not aid in your success will be enough to make you put it down.

Tip #2 – “Out of sight, out of mind”
Don’t surround yourself with unhealthy foods. An example would be, when you’re at the grocery store, realize the items that you’re buying! I feel like a lot of people think they have to buy at least some junk food, but that makes no sense to me. Why can’t you buy only nutritious whole foods? You can. *Never shop for food when your cravings are in full effect.*

Tip #3 – Get Serious
Stop being so weak minded. If you have a goal that you actually want to reach then you won’t let unhealthy food ruin it for it. If you know you shouldn’t be eating it, then don’t.  Your cravings aren’t valid excuses!

Tip #4 – Meal Prep
Preparing your meals ahead of time is an awesome way to stay healthy.  The reason that people turn to unhealthy foods is because it’s an easy and quick solution to their hunger. If you already have your chicken or broccoli cooked in the fridge ready to eat then the fast and easy cravings food excuse won’t work. Trust me, it makes a huge difference.

If you aren’t sure how much you should be eating then check out!

Remember to enjoy life and it’s unhealthy but delicious foods from time to time.


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