Quick and Easy Advice for Clean Eating

Clean eating is so essential to a healthy life.

Many of us know this but few actually take initiative in their life to truly stand by it. There are millions of reasons as to why people may not consume very healthy food but most of them are just lazy justifications. Use more of this advice and less excuses.

If I could only share ONE piece of advice for clean eating, it would be for a majority of your diet to be consumed through whole foods. This means products with no ingredients, examples are…


The only ingredients in a potato is a potato, same with eggs and apples. Where as if you go to a fast food restaurant, you honestly don’t know what they could be putting in their food. If you can integrate this advice into your life then you can really know what you are putting in your body. However you have to keep in mind that there are exceptions like bread and yogurt which can be healthy but have many ingredients.

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