What is Weight Gainer?

Weight gainer is not something that just makes you gain weight if you have a shake everyday.
Weight gainer is a substance that can assist you in meeting your caloric needs.

Basically it’s just calories in a bag. I’m sure many of you like I once did, think that if you drink gainer then it will trigger something in our bodies to then make us gain weight. But that’s not the case.

No matter if you use mass gainer or not, if you aren’t in a caloric surplus then you won’t put on any mass. Simple as that. This is not a product that is essential when you are trying to gain weight. But it can be a key factor when you’re low on your daily calorie intake and need something to bump it up!


Is Weight Gainer Necessary?

If you can, I suggest getting all of your calories from whole foods. Weight gainer can’t provide the natural micronutrients that foods like vegetables and meats do. Although if you need around 4300 calories per day like I do, It comes in clutch every time. This product is most common among people who are bulking and need to reach a high caloric intake each day. Some days it’s just impossible to eat a very high amount of food.

There are many mass gainers that are specifically made for pre and post workout drinks. Also some are made as meal replacements. Which could be big for your success. But remember that it is not something you need to make progress in your working out life style.

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