1000 Calorie Breakfast Shake: The Savage Smoothie

Savage Smoothie Ingredients

Savage Smoothie Servings: 1

•2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter                                                           •Nutritional Facts (per serving):
•1 Tablespoon of Honey                                                                              •1060 Calories
•¾ Cup of Greek Yogurt                                                                              •46.4 g of Fats
•3 Tablespoons of Hemp Hearts                                                            •118.8 g of Carbohydrates
•½ Cup of Ice Cream {Optional}                                                             •51.4 g of Protein
•1 Cup of Oatmeal
•1 Cup of Fruit (Your Choice)                                                                  Many more to come!
•1 Cup of Spinach

The Savage Smoothie

If you are trying to keep your carbohydrates low then consider eliminating ice cream and honey. A great replacement for honey is lemon juice to keep the flavour high. This savage smoothie is great for a meal replacement if you just want something quick. With it being such a balanced recipe, it’s awesome for mornings.

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