Honest Advice On Creating New Habits

Creating new habits is something that can be very difficult. This is something that I’ve come to be quite familiar with, as I’m sure a lot of you have as well. If you’re someone who always seems to be starting over on things then keep reading and learn how to effectively embed new habits into your life.

Realize that I don’t have all the answers but I will share with you the experience and techniques from my life that have truly worked. Enjoy!

Understand Why You Stop

Pull out a piece of paper and physically write the reason(s) as to why you find yourself quitting. Take time to really think about tit. This step is crucial because without it you will continue to make the same mistakes over and over. When I first took this approach, I came to recognize that when I introduced a new habit into my life I would take on too much of it right away. Somewhere where this was really evident was with my reading. A couple of months ago I decided to begin reading everyday. I told myself that I would read three times a day for 15 minutes per session. This routine would never last long and it was until I set a more reasonable schedule that I was more capable to stick to it and build onto it over time.

Set Times

This is a major key for creating new habits. If you set times to your habits then when that time comes up, your internal clock will begin to automatically be like “okay time to ____”. This system has helped me continue everyday with my meditation. By me setting my internal clock to when I wake up in the morning, I will meditate. It has allowed me to easily stick to it. Assigning a specific time for your habit is even better.


Make Your New Habits A Must

You MUST set it in your mind that your habit is something that will happen in your day. Even if you miss your initial set time and that will happen to everyone because of life. But you can’t begin to make up excuses and think that you can miss a day. There’s got to be some level of passion in what you’re doing so it doesn’t just feel like a chore. For example, if I plan to workout in the morning but something comes up and I can’t. I don’t just think that I’m not going to train today, my passion drives me to go after work even if that means I end up going super late.

If you use these different “guide lines” and take them serious, I honestly think you can incorporate so many new positive habits into your life.

I appreciate you reading and if you enjoyed or found my advice helpful then show some love by liking and sharing! If you have any techniques from your life on creating new habits that you want to add then leave a comment. I will see you in the next post! 🙂

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