Why I Started A Blog


This blog called BearbodyLiving is so many things to me. Let me tell you how.

Path Towards Progressive Passion

When I was attending university in September, I wasn’t happy. It was my first year into it and no it wasn’t because of the work load or the adjustment. I’m not 100% sure what it was but I just felt like I should have been doing something different. One thing I knew for sure though was that I had a huge interest in fitness and I was trying to think of ways I could further that. I don’t remember how a blog came to my mind because all throughout high school I never once even thought about having one. However I’m glad and still excited that I made the decision to create a page where I can lay out some of my passions.

Page of Personality

I love the fact that when I open my blog, it is this page that perfectly represents what goes on in my head most of the time. The things I like to talk about and the activities I like/want to do. When you see my posts, it’s not just me putting out information and random thoughts for the sake of it. They’re the subjects that when you talk with me for a while, you would realize that I honestly find them interesting like health, motivation, life in general, why people make certain decisions, what motivates people, what makes people happy. It’s basically a large part of my life and future on a blog.

Key to Knowledge

I forget what the saying is but it basically says that you don’t truly understand anything until you can explain it to someone. This is exactly what my blog does for me. It makes me really think deep about life, health and my goals. If I want to talk about it, I have to be able to translate it from my brain to who ever is reading. Try it right now, think of some things in your life and try to explain them out loud. You may find that you can’t. This is where blogging can be so beneficial towards your knowledge.

This blog will be a large part of my life for much time to come. ‘Inspiring a life full of adventure and clean living’ *BearbodyLiving.com*

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