Best Tricep Exercises for Size

These tricep exercises are ones that I’ve integrated into my weekly routines. I have made some serious progress in weight and aesthetics in the last few months with these movements! If you properly combine them into your workouts and achieve progress overload. You will also see great results.

1. Tricep Extensions

This exercise allows you to have constant tension on the tricep thoughout the full movement. You can perform this by keeping your upper arm in place and only allow your forearm to move up and down. Remember to engage your triceps to pull the resistence/weight. The way I’ve seen the most success with this is using it as a burnout exercise. This is because I use a band which means I can’t add weight so I go to failure at the end of a workout.

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2. Tricep Dips

DSC_5128This tricep exercise is great for adding weight and
using for lower reps! Perform this by having only your hands on the object(seen in pic) and elevate your body then press your body up and down. A great alternative exercise is bench dips. Get a bench/chair and place your palms on the bench with your back to it. Then straighten your legs out and with your back being straight and vertically parallel to the bench, push your body up and down!

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