Why You Should Do Something Rather Than Nothing

Why you should do something rather than nothing

I know the feeling very well. I deal with it every single day, as I’m sure so many other people are as well. You know the feeling of “why aren’t I doing more?”. That feeling where it’s like you want to be doing so much all at once even though you know you should just be building at main things and mastering them first. That excitement  of wanting things so quick is so evident in all of us even if you don’t realize it. That’s where these thoughts develop from.

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Common Mistakes

People want to set goals but they just set it so high and they feel like if they aren’t doing it at the very top-level as soon as they start then whats the point. That exact feeling right there is a type of perspective that doesn’t allow ourselves to see growth and work ethic. An example of this is when someone says they want to start running and be active. You might say something like “I’m going to start running for an hour every single day”. Okay sure, your motivated at first so you’ll do that for a week but what happens when that time is up and the inspiration is low. I know from my life and I honestly see it all around me, that  people will do the first week of 60 minutes but then in the second week what happens is, not only does it lessin and fall off, but it completely dies. Then they won’t entertain that thought for weeks/months down the road where you’ll repeat the process.

Just Start

If there’s something you want to do then you can’t just let it sit around in your head all day. I used to think that there would be this big eye-opening inspiration that would hit me and give me the courage to start. But the truth is that you can’t wait for that because odds are you already know what you want but you’re just scared. You just have to start doing something, anything. Get the ball rolling and other ideas,thoughts and opportunities will come. No one starts at the top. Build your way to the end goal and learn to love the process.

“If you wait till you know everything, you’ll never do anything”

It’s better to start off with 10 minutes a day running but building onto it every day/week than to go all out for just 1 out of 10 weeks. That’s why doing something is better than nothing. Also doing something smaller and manageable is better than sprinting right away and dying off. BUT also remember that if there’s a habit where you’re incredibly passionate about, of course you can sprint right away, that’s awesome. Go with that and go all out but you must have the ability to assess the importance and the realistic approach to it.  Don’t take the “realistic” approach too serious though. Being “realistic” with every thing you do will lead to a boring ass life with no experience or fun.

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