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2 Best Things To Know About Your Body

Getting to really know your body is something that I’m really starting to incorporate and take serious in my life lately. In working out and just everyday life. it’s so essential to living greater and healthier. There are many sources out there claiming different things about your life and how to do things within it. So sometimes you have to just take the time and experiment for yourself. Realize that everyone’s body is diverse and generalities won’t always a line with you.


Pre Workout Meals

Knowing what to eat and the timing of your pre workout meal is the base of your workout. What you ingest will determine how your training goes. If you never switch it up, you’ll never know if you could be having better or worse workouts. I recently tried eating a higher fat portioned pre-session meal as recommended and I found that I had much lower energy levels than normal. So without taking the time to see how my body would react, I would’ve never known. I highly recommend trying a variety of food and timing of your meals to fully understand what your body performs best from.


I take my sleep very serious… and for good reason. Sleep affects your whole mood and performance for the next day. I know it’s an obvious thing that you should get about 8 hours of sleep a night but if you actually keep track of your patterns, you might be surprised. I suggest getting less sleep than that one night then more the next and writing down how you feel each day. Knowing your perfect range of sleep allows you to schedule your day with a lot more accuracy and lessen procrastination. Having a journal for this measure is key!

Don’t only base your life from what you read online. Go find out what works for you!

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