Common Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Live a Healthy Lifestyle


  1. Not Writing Healthy Lifestyle Goals

    Writing your goals down can be so beneficial. This is a strategy that I often use when wanting to implement something new or set goals in my life. If you can physically see every day what you are running towards, then it’s a huge advantage over if you weren’t. Not writing your healthy lifestyle goals down usually means you’re afraid to commit to them.  It’s a crutch used so if you don’t end up accomplishing what you set out to do then you can just say to yourself that you didn’t even fully try.

  2. Missing Even One Day

    This one is simple. If you allow yourself to sway away from your goals, so whether that be miss a day at the gym or eat outside of your meal plan for no good reason. That opens up the opportunity in your mind to choose not to work towards your goal rather than fully committing. It now makes it an option and no longer a must.


  3. Cheat Days

    Cheat meals > days. You shouldn’t ever dedicate a full day to eating unhealthy food. If you have the cravings then work it intelligently into one or two meals your week.

  4. Having No ‘Why’

    In my opinion, only living a healthy lifestyle because you know you should be is just not enough. I don’t think it drives the amount of motivation it takes into most people to make them commit 100%. “Why are you doing this?” “Why do you put yourself through this?” “Why does this even matter to you?” Your ‘why‘ will drive you and therefore make you push through every difficult thing. I don’t mean to sound too preachy but it’s the full truth and without it, I promise you won’t make it far.

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