Amazing and Easy Tips for Fitness on Vacation

3 easy tips I learned to aid with fitness on vacation from my recent trip to Florida!

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Know the Gym Before Your There

Finding out what equipment the gym has before you get there can be so beneficial. This is something I wish I had done for this trip. It prevents having to make up workout routine on the spot which very well may lead to a poorly structured plan.

Fitness of Vacation, Morning Workouts

When you’re on vacation, most likely you will be moving around a lot throughout the day doing things. Also if you’re somewhere very hot then the sun will for sure drain you out. So if you can get a morning workout in before all the activities, in my experience that would be the perfect scenario.

Body Weight Exercises

No matter how limited to equipment is, you can always use your own weight! Don’t just skip out on certain body parts because there’s not the specific machine you’re used to. You can still get an amazing pump by spending minimal time looking up calaesthetic exercises to replace a few movements.

Those are my 3 greatest tips for fitness on vacation! Try them out for yourselves the next time you’re on vacation. Share on other social medias.

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  1. I could not agree more with finding out the gym situation before leaving. I’m amazed at what some hotels call a “fitness center” as it’s often just a single treadmill! Good tips and ideas.

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