The Best and Most Satisfying Way to Boost Your Adrenaline


SKYDIVING. A classic adrenaline answer.

If you crave adrenaline then I highly suggest you give this activity a go! The whole situation of skydiving is actually amazing. From the build up, the plane ride up, jumping out and looking back on it. If you’ve ever thought about going then hopefully I can convince you.

Build Up

The anticipation leading up to the jumping date is almost as fun as actually doing it! Just the thought of flying thousands of feet off of the ground then falling through the air at around 120mph is incredible.


I’ve gone twice and both were completely different experiences. My first jump was honestly kind of surreal. Without knowing what to expect the feeling you get from the moment you leave the plane is crazy. My second time allowed me to feel more conscious and really feel the feeling of skydiving.


Adrenaline Aftermath

Once you’re done, looking back and thinking about it is the most satisfying part I believe.

I feel like for me the reason why I like it so much is because it shouldn’t make sense. People flying up to around 18,000 feet and jumping out of a plane. The fact that it sounds so wild but it can also be very controlled is a win/win. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will get my solo jump licence and really learn more about this amazing sport.

If you even think you want to do it then stop talking about it and go set a date!!


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