Perfect Approaches to Increasing Intensity in the Gym


Here are 2 aspects of working out that I feel are ESSENTIAL for increasing intensity which in return results in more progress.

They are a timer and focused mindset.


Within the last 6 weeks i’ve incorporated a timer for resting between sets into my training. This has allowed me to raise intensity and be on a calculated routine. Another amazing effect from timing your rest periods is that it leaves no room for distractions. So if lets say you give yourself 1 minute resting time, then you will just be concentrated on catching your breath and focusing up for the next set. This is a key strategy if you’re a person who gets distracted by things like instagram etc. often.


Mindset (Intensity)

You truly must have a very concentrated mindset during training sessions if you want to make progress. This is something that no one will have every single workout of their life. Also I feel as though it’s a work in progress for everyone too. This becomes especially evident on days where you just aren’t “feeling it”. The thing about those days are that they’re the most important ones. This is because you really have to bring that intense self motivating mindset and push through it. The way I personally deal with this is whenever I think to myself I might skip say abs and do them the next day, that’s a sign to myself that I MUST do them and go beast mode. If you can too install this into your training then it will strengthen your mental and physical game.

I think that the most important thing to learn about intensity is that you have to base your actions off of what you know it takes to get the results you want and not off of how you’re feeling in that moment. This is something that I’m always working on and thinking about and I only see positives coming from it.

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